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Beauty 101 Distributors

Product Lines

Only The Best

Beauty 101 Distributors is focused on ensuring that your clients receive the best of the best when it comes to their beauty needs! Our products are of the highest quality and perfect for Florida hair needs!


Jungle Fever is the trendiest brand in the field of professional hair care. Designed to offer technologically and commercially innovative products to the hairdresser, Jungle Fever has conquered a favorable place in international market. Research and Development are their constant key words with a product line that is dependable, efficacious, and highly performing – to satisfy all of the needs for the professional market. Thanks to the quality of their scientific research, their formulations are specific for every professional treatment and transform the final result into an exclusive beauty service.


With fifty years of experience in the industry and a reputation of success as a family business, La-Brasiliana takes personally the quality and experience of your customer.

Today’s trends indicate your clients are looking for a product which smooths, shines, softens, eliminates frizz, and has instant manageability. La-Brasiliana have a complete product line for every hair type. It’s not just about cutting or coloring, but cultivating an inviting, professional environment.


“We do not believe you can treat the hair with topical applications and we use no harsh chemicals.”

Mondo Verde products rebuild, repairs, and revitalizes tired, worn, and damaged hair. Their scientific technology allows their products to penetrate and restructure the cortex leaving it in optimum condition. It lays the cuticle down making it very easy to comb and style leaving your client with a full, beautiful head of hair every time.


BL Lashes are high quality lashes that are considered by many to be the best of the best within the beauty industry. With a focus on providing a total lash care solution and combining their K-beauty heritage with the art of eyelash extension, BL believes that a long-lasting gorgeous set of lash extensions doesn’t happen overnight.

BL offers innovative lash extensions with improved adhesion and retention; a variety of eyelash extension glues that are suitable for different climates, techniques, and client types; and gentle lash prep and aftercare products for eternally healthy natural lashes.


After 30 years of working in the medical hair loss industry, the president and founder of SureThik has treated thousands of hair loss sufferers. Owning and operating his own hair replacement clinics for 25 years, he saw the need and opportunity to take Hair Fiber technology to a revolutionary new level.

Unsatisfied with the non-surgical options available to his clients he decided to develop his own products. With one simple goal in mind, he created the very best, high quality products that are unique and distinctively better than anything else in the marketplace.



Fashion Fusion offers a revolutionary high fashion hair color system from the color you have, to the color you want, in one step!

Unlike any other product on the market, Bleach & Color lifts & deposits color pigments on both natural & previously colored hair in one step. Bleach & Color offers endless creativity, with the ability to lift up to 7 levels, while oxidation-resistant pigments deposit into the hair shaft.

Special One Color masks can be used to enhance an existing shape in the hair, or to change the shade in the pre-lightened hair. Create unlimited shades by mixing any of the Special One Color masks together to create any custom shade you desire. The 000 mask is used to dilute more intense mask shades & create pastel shades.